About Mozanim B.V.

mozanimMozanim is a team of web designers, programmers, consultants and marketing experts, based in The Hague, The Netherlands. If you heard about us already, it's probably from one of our websites or from language institute TaalTaal.

At Mozanim we consider it our personal mission to make both the world wide web and the real world a little bit more enjoyable and a little bit easier to navigate.

About our websites

mozanimBecause we want the best for our visitors, all of our projects are child-friendly, free of charge and free of obtrusive ads (no popus or popunders, ever.) We are very proud of the people who have worked or are still working for us to create websites: we consider their creative input and love for digital communities one of our biggest strengths.

Our rules of thumbs when it comes to creating websites:

  • Websites must be safe for children to visit.
  • No spyware, no obtrusive ads, no spamming accounts or selling personal information.
  • Creative, original ideas that attract a large variety of visitors.
  • Sites are community-driven: input from our visitors is of utmost importance.

About language institute TaalTaal

mozanimLanguage institute TaalTaal came into existence in the summer of 2008. Although it first started out as a small project in order to offer courses of Dutch and Spanish, the project has grown out to a successful company with many clients. Starting January 2009, not only will TaalTaal move to a new, larger building, there will also be more courses to be offered, including Italian, English, Portugese, Chinese, Turkish and Arabic.

If you have any further questions about Mozanim B.V. or want to get in contact with one of our employees, please follow this link to go to the contact form.